NIR Systeme für Industrie und Mittelstand

- Produktivitätserhöhung von Fertigungslinien -

1L 6inch/ 2500 W/230V


Drying of inks, glues and paintings in the business
fields mailing or marking, or Ink-Jet applications
on paper or foils, especially on difficult materials
for the graphic industry, like coated papers.


  • Drying in seconds
  • Significant improving of the scrape resistance
    immediately after drying
  • Immediately ready for other production
    steps or wrapping


The NIR POWERDRY® is a very compact high effective
drying module based, of short-wave infrared (Near Infrared),
developed by LAMBDA TECHNOLOGY®.


  • Compact unit
  • Only one lamp for 125 mm lighted width
  • Simple menu guidance guarantees a very short time for acquainted with
    Nearly no time for integration and mounting
  • Internal or external control easy to integrate

Technical Specification

Overall dimensionl x w x h in mm³ 154 x 318 x 210 mm³
Irradiated area in mm² 20mm² - 40 mm²
Drying width 125
Drying length 125
Power & number of emitters 1 emitter with special contacts 2,5 kW / 230 V
Power input 2,5 kW / 230 V
Feed 16 A / 230 V
Glass plate special
Control type modular mountable control
Type of fan 1 modular mountable double fan 1 integrated fan control unit in the modular mountable control