NIR Systeme für Industrie und Mittelstand

- Produktivitätserhöhung von Fertigungslinien -

Near infrared (NIR)

Near infrared is a particularly short-wave IR radiation with a visible wavelength between 0.8 and 1.2 microns. The short wavelength allows more energy to be transported to the product in less time.

The illustration shows the entire spectrum of infrared radiation. Lambda Technology specializes in the short-wave range between 0.8 and 1.2 ?m.

Due to the short wavelength, the polymers behave as well as transparent, as a result of which the radiation penetrates into the depth and thus pushes the reaction from the inside out.

Our specially designed reflectors direct the NIR radiation specifically and homogeneously to the product. Depending on the application, a surface, strip or punctiform heating can be achieved. On the one hand, with this technology, the efficiency is clearly optimized and the radiation is directed to the product in a controlled manner. Due to this high energy density, the process times are significantly optimized. Thus, thermal processes are possible within seconds.

In addition, a counter reflector can be integrated. With NIR the transmitted radiation is reflected again, thus the NIR radiation can be optimally used.

Advantages of Lambda Technology's NIR lamps over other systems

  • Very long life
  • No power loss
  • Infinitely variable
  • More energetic radiation
  • Reproducible processes
  • Reaction from within
  • Drastically shortened process times
  • No preheating times, therefore energy saving
  • Improvement of existing processes by NIR pretreatment
  • Greatly reduced skin and blistering
  • No turbulence on the surface
  • Use in EX area possible
  • Solvents and water evaporate faster and more effectively
  • Processes on temperature-sensitive materials possible
  • Substrate-friendly processes by clocking possible
  • Focusing the energy on the processes